A site for Arduino projects too!

I can’t cover the SheevaPlug and the BeagleBoard without giving due consideration to the Arduino board so you’ll find an Arduino project site here. As with the other development board sites, this one is under construction too. If you don’t know about the Arduino board, it’s a great little board that’s packed with analog and digital features and the development tools have been ported to a wide range of computers. I’ve included a link to the main Arduino web site so you can get the details on the board. Enjoy!

Dan Johnson
Epicenter Technologies

Arduino Mega Development Board

Here’s a photo of the Arduino Mega development board. I have one in the lab now and have downloaded the development tools for the Mac and Linux platforms. You’ll notice that there are analog and digital ports, PWMs, and four serial port communications channels. With a little research you’ll find a wide range of daughter cards that plug into the header pins. These boards are called “shields”. Check out YouTube and Wikipedia for additional reference information on the board.

Dan Johnson