iPhone Development

gDEBugger Version 5.6

Graphic Remedy is proud to announce the release of gDEBugger Version 5.6 for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad.

This version introduces iPhone and iPad on-device debugging and profiling abilities, letting developers optimize their App, in real-time, on the actual iPhone and iPad hardware, while viewing invaluable inside information such as device's GPU, CPU, graphic driver and operating system performance counters.

gDEBugger, an OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenCL debugger and profiler, traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API, lets programmers see what is happening within the graphic system implementation to find bugs and optimize OpenGL application performance. gDEBugger runs on Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone and Linux operating systems.


Ztar application for the iPhone

In addition to the Mac Ztar Patch Editor, I am working on a iPhone application for the Ztar from Starr Labs. I still have to get some additional information on the iPhone hardware slot but conceptually I have figured out how I want the app to work. I’ve posted a screen shot of the prototype application on a new web site I set up for my iPhone development projects. The new site is located at http://iphone.epicentertech.com. I have a few more iPhone applications in mind but haven’t had any free time to code them up yet. I’ll let you know via the forums when I’ve added new projects to the site. That’s it for now though!