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PlugApps aims to provide simple, easy-to-follow guides for installing applications on "plug computers", such as the SheevaPlug, Pogoplug, and TonidoPlug, Seagate Dockstar, GoFlex, and many more ARM devices. Visit the PlugApps web site!

SheevaPlug Project Web Site

My SheevaPlug finally arrived and it’s powered up and running on my network. As I collect more info on the SheevaPlug I’ll be posting it to the web site at . The site is under construction now but I’ll try to make a few updates this weekend. In the mean time, I found this photo on the web. It shows that the SheevaPlug can be used along with a Arduino development board to make hardware interfaces for the SheevaPlug. I’m not sure it the Arduino tools were fully ported or whether a cross-compiler was used. I’ll post more info once I dig into this setup a bit more.


Dan Johnson
Epicenter Technologies

Inside the SheevaPlug

Here’s a link to a web site that shows the internals of the SheevaPlug. Thanks to Rober Wittig for the link reference! My SheevaPlug should be here on Monday so stay tuned for more photos and info.

The SheevaPlug Internals

The SheevaPlug - Computing power in a small package!

This is a SheevaPlug. It’s an embedded computing development platform that can run several operating systems. I’m planning to install Ubuntu Linux and the latest Java SDK on my system and will use it as an application and database server for some iPhone applications that I have in mind. I purchased a 32 Gb SD card to use as primary storage. The system also has 500 Mb of RAM and 500 Mb of FLASH memory. It has a 1.2 Ghz ARM processor so you could also run Google Android on it. You can find more info at the SheevaPlug Wikipedia page. I’m still waiting for my unit to ship, lead times are 4-6 weeks in the US now. I’ll add more photos and videos here once I have my system prepped and running. Stay tuned!

Dan Johnson